Wednesday, 13 April 2011


So, i havn't really been online that much since my birthday nearly a week ago.
The two shows that i posted online here were complete failures.

Guildford - The sound was awfull, well i don't know what it was sounding like from the front, but the monitors behind me were distorting like fuck, making me constantly paranoid that i was pushing the bass to much. played for about 20 minutes before giving up, oh and the club was empty. POOR PROMOTION. alot of the other DJ's that played on night agreed that it was a shit show.

London - the turnout was a shame, although it was fun running around the coronet with AAA badge's. I arrived at 930, thinking i was playing a set at 11. got in said hello to a few people, then proceeded to room 3. set up was loud (coz that's all kids want, is loud music) but i could not feel any low end. i even gave the speakers a wee hug to see if i could feel anything but no. First duo on were playing some requake/jakes/coki and i enjoyed this.
It was approaching 10:55 so i got my stuff ready to go on, and then these two kids were like 'NAHHH MATE WE'RE ON NOW, GO SPEAK TO DAN ABOUT SET TIMES' i couldn't be fucked to argue and the room had about 20 people in it, so i just said 'yeah cool whatever' only to realise this duo had bought there shitty accer laptop and played off virtual dj, and still managed to get things out of time. Soo at the same time as making me laugh and angering me i thought 'why the fuck book two people to play off virtual dj?! no extra hardware, just them and there mousepad' awfull!

Soo i got reaady to play at 12, only to be blagged about by the next duo, who bought there macbook and there serato setup. argued like fuck, but they were arrogant twats, who just had set there stuff up as i was returning back to room 3. So yeah anger was increasing slightly more at the fact there was 2 laptop dj's playing in a row, gay?

Then it kicked off, these boys claimed there set time was 12 - 2, alot of us dj's who were on after had a moan and a groan as we were all allocated 1 hour slots.

there was 3 of us waiting to play, now arguing over who's set was next, we got a promoter involved and he organised another laptop dj to do 1-2, then a friend i eventually made C-Side, to play 2-3, and then myself on a 3-4.

i was pretty pissed off that i'd been pushed 4 hours ahead of my set time, but by this point i couldn't give a fuck. talks had been made, and we'd agreed on these times.

i waited around an hour or two, and thought, im gonna ask C-Side to go back 2 back with him. he replied nicely with a yes :)

we waited till 2 oclock and got our stuff ready to go on, only to be completely mugged off by lets go crazy resident DJ claiming it was now his turn to play 2 - 330.

WE ALL GOT LIVID , especially as, well guess... ANOTHER LAPTOP DJ!

Three laptop dj's in a row! ridiculously angry, i mean i know the vinyl crew slate all the cd crew saying 'mer mer mer get on vinyl' but i know how they feel when aloda laptops crop up and steal the show!

i think it's time to end my rant now, by saying there was a fair few arguments and i ended up walking out of the venue at 230am and going straight home to sleep. waste of my money and my time. I've emailed the head of LGC asking for a refund of my travel money, as there was no point of me even being there.


I hope you have enjoyed this read, it's very negative i know, but don't worry, i will get upto date soon and start posting some positive posts!

next post will most likely be the unveilling of a new side project im working on, VERY EXCITING!


P.S - Sorry i havn't got around to uploading 'Remove' yet, if i remember i will upload later this evening!


  1. Sounds gutting mate. The life of a DJ, eh? It really puts it in perspective for punters like me who go along to nights and see the DJs and promoters behind the decks having a good time. Sad to think that often shit like this goes on though.

  2. ahh that sucks man must have been really stressful. Promoters need to sort their shit out. hope things go better for you in future!

  3. wow thats unlucky man, nothing worse than a shitly ran club. feel for you. Fucking laptop DJ's!

  4. ah mate thats a joke, feel for ya