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Monday, 28 March 2011

Buchan - Keep It Rockin' (Hiloxam Remix)

Soo here's an official remix of Buchan's tune!

thoughts and veiws?

Buchan - Keep It Rockin (Hiloxam Remix) by Hiloxam


just finished off a Innocent strawberries and bananas smoothie, lovely.
whats the best combo for smoothies?
do they always have to be fruity or can you sneak abita choccy in them?

i need to purchase a blender.


Got one this weekend, anyone know if theres a blogger app? or anything that'll link up to this?
or  would it be easier to go directly to the site, to be honest i probly wont blog much from the phone as it's justs long to insert any html, but we'll see.
I saw Wordpress app ;/

Thursday, 24 March 2011

India Phillips Photo's

India, after creating 3 different flickr accounts in the past and forget their passwords, has finally signed up via facebook i.e she'll never forget that use/pass! ;)

Check it out by clicking here

She's done some pretty cool photos, and has recently been very inspired by Sofia Ajram, Ellen Rodgers & Alsion Scarpulla.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Another thing before i go pap...

A colleague at work today told me this, and dear me, it got me thinking!

Three men go for a meal in a restaurant. At the end of the meal the waiter brings them the bill and it comes to £30. Each man puts in a ten pound note. The waiter rings it up and then realizes he made a mistake and the bill was actually for £25.

The waiter brings back five pound coins. As five doesn’t divide into three very well, the men take one pound each and leave two pounds as a tip which the waiter pockets.

Each man has now paid 9 pounds, which adds up to £27. The waiter has 2 pounds in his pocket. That adds up to £29.

What happened to the extra pound from the original £30?

Try as hard as you like to make the formula for that work and there will always be one pound missing.

The answer is that there never was an extra pound.

The three men paid £27 and the waiter took two leaving £25.

The way the conundrum is worded leads you to believe that there was £27 with £2 added to give £29, and therefore one pound short of £30, with £1 missing.

It is a good example of how easy it is to mislead somebody’s thinking so they mathematically “prove" something to be other than it is.

So, pretty interesting eh?

original source - http://searchwarp.com/swa2642.htm 


2nd mix is from Snypa!

Exclusive mix by Snypadub

Peverelist - Roll With the Punches [www.djtunes.com]
Loefah - Disko Rekah
Orphan101 - Propa
Pinch - Airlock
Quest - The Seafront
RSD - Depend (Lovas)
Mungo's Hi Fi - Dubplate fi dem
Synkro - Just Say
Truth - Disappear
N TYPE & CYRUS - Conscious
Blawan - Iddy
Digital Mystikz - Give Jah glory
Distance - Traffic (Goth-Trad Remix)
Kryptic Minds - Chosen Few
Alix Perez - Untitled
Headhunter - 7th Curse
Loefah - Mud Vip (all credit to the m.a.h. show, this is a radio rip high quality though)
Search And Destroy - Candy Floss (Loefah Mix)
Phaeleh - Virus
Cluekid & LD - Don't Wanna Cry
OBJEKT - The Goose That Got Away
GIRL UNIT - Every Time
Untold - Discipline

I Also asked snypa questions.

Whats your name: Joe Whittaker 
Artist name: Snypadub 
How old are you: 24 
Where are you from:Bristol/Leicester originaly

What was your last meal: Beer and burger at the student's union
good: so so. Not quite the best thing i've ever tasted but substantial enough.

What saw you into dubstep: loads of things really, big fan of the darker garage styles in the 00's and jungle before then. was aware of dubstep before I knew the term dubstep. Became fully aware of the scene in 2007/8 when I saw caspa (judge me all you like) play a set in Leicester.

How long have you been mixing for: First taste of mixing came in 2006 when a mate taught me to mix drum and bass, garage and dance. I remember the first two tunes i ever succesfully beatmatched: Atb: 9pm till i come and Darrude: sandstorm (Big LOL)

Inspiration to mix: The ability to take a group of tunes and create a journey for the listner.

First vinyl: Before mixing it was a black sabbath album but once I got into mixing I bought a few at the same time, one of which was Cyrus-from the shadows part 1

Any upcoming shows: not right now :( Got a lot on at uni so have had to put a hold on things but come the summer there are a few things i'm looking into. I broadcast a radio show every monday at 5pm (gmt) on a shitty free radio server: http://snypadub.listen2myradio.com which is building up a following.

Do you produce as well: Not really, I tinker with production and am looking to spend the summer working on a release, got some good ideas together.

Musically, whats your guilty pleasure: don't feel guilty about any of my musical tastes, I love a lot of different music and find it one of my biggest inspirations in life. The ramones are my all time favourite group.

If you could have any super power, what would it be: that one is surprisingly difficult to answer. I'd like to be able to manipulate space/time in order to stop time.

Best flavour doritos: cheesy.

Nice one Snypa!

If you havn't realised already i will be asking underground artists for mixtapes (can i still call them that?)  followed by a breif question'n'answer ting :)

if you're interested in getting involved, then contact me (if you can on this?) alternativly drop me an email - BrettHeaslewood@live.co.uk


Mentha In The Mix

This mix is from Mentha, beautifull vibes.

Mentha - A Dark Dream Mix - MTD @ The Workshop Promo by Mentha

1. Kryptic Minds – Can't Sleep (Feat Alys Be) – Blackbox
2. Rajaz – Dawn Blues – Dub
3. Grooki – Come to Me – Dub
4. Vivek – Pulse - Deep Medi Musik
5. Strago & Snooks – Infect – Dub
6. Benton – Take Me Away – Giveaway
7. Jobanti – Tromerone - Dub
8. Dj Madd – Detroit Skunk – Boka
Ben Verse – Venomous – Live Beyond
Lurka – Tempted – Blackbox
11. Icicle Ft Proxima - Breathing Again - Shogun Audio
12. Spherix – Lesser People - Immerse
13. Addison Groove – Work It – Swamp 81
14. Dj Madd – Secretes – Wheel & Deal
15. Mr Boogie – Breakdown (feat Fused Forces) – Sequence
16. Coki – Shock It – DMZ
17. Kutz – Wined Up – Giveaway
18. Caski – Gorilla Clap - Giveaway

 I asked Mentha various questions including the standard 'what got you into dubstep?' , along side 'your last meal?'
here's what he had to say -

My name is Gabriele Romeo,I'm 23 from Palermo, Italy and been living in London for 4 years.
My last meal was Pizza as u could expect :D but i'm really into my cooking so tend to cook what me and my mates consider a good meal almost every night.
I got into Dubstep about 3 years ago thanks to an electronic music production course and a CM article about it. I discovered dubstepforum and getdarker, started hunting for dubstep nights and got inspired to start mixing myself.
I've been mixing now for a couple of years, started on digital till i got decks about 6 months ago, now i use both. First vinyl i bought is DMZLP001 Mala - Return II Space.
My next show is with my collective Mind The Dubstep on friday 25th of march, we are running a night @ The Workshop under Roadtrip Bar, Shoreditch, more details on

http://www.facebook.com/MTDMindTheDubst ... 6957938822

I started producing recently, i am working on a few tunes at the moment and will put an EP together in the near future.
Musical pleasures, well don't know where to start really... I am a guitarist and am really into my jazz but did years of metal, i am a big Radiohead and Battles fan but really too many different influences to list.
Having to choose a super power i'd probably wanna fly :D
And it turns out that i'm probably the only person in the UK who utterly HATES Doritos!!

Thanks Mentha for being the first to get involved with  Bloggerz Blag!

Do You Ever Wish...

for impossible possibilities?

I wrote something completely different last night, just as more of a thinking session, make sure you got your tea in one hand, and pipe in the other ;)

A Message From The Next Village by Hiloxam


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Bloggerz Blag First Mixtape - Hiloxam B2B Teddy Kush

This is the first mixtape to be uploaded onto Bloggerz Blag, we're not gonna write up a track list or try to even make ourselves seem like this is a professional mix, as it was just a recorded jam session. We present 35mins of Drum'n'Bass and 35mins of dubstep (i'll mark where they both start)

Teddy Kush B2B Hiloxam - Bloggerz Blag Mixtape. by Bloggerz Blag

I know the drum and bass is jump up, but the dubstep gets more deeper and more mellow. and these are the vibes i want to aim at the blog. but it's whatever floats the mixers boat.

Mixtapes from Percept,Monsters,Mentha,DRTY,Snypa and more coming very soon!

Monday, 14 March 2011


Yeah those guys who put auto bidding on.
that's not bidding you dicks!!!!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Last Minute Par

I can't get to london meaning can't reach Audio Donoughts.
missing out on too big of a night.


This blog should be sponsered by doritos, i'd whore them day and night, for a free supply every now'n again.

So dorito's if you are reading this, or if you work within the dorito's company and you are reading this, please. . .


of these please.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Exclusive Mixes Coming Your Way!

So i've decided to get some mixtapes/interveiws exclusively for this blog, check back again! Coming soon will be a mix from 'Monsters'. heard a mix from these guys the other today on the walk into work, alot of wavey synths goin' off, and i like that :)

also if you got anything you want me to share, send some things over to the drop box!

Send me
your sounds

i keep listening to this recently, it makes my head move abit.

So it's the weekend!

My first week of full time office work is nearly over, it's been cool though, i've been designing golf courses for a virtual golf simiulator exclusively for the professionals to practice on!
I'm pretty pretty excited for laying in bed all morning tomorrow, and goin visit the audio 'nuttaz up in london, should be a funny night!

a couple of posts ago, i was giving out a free instrumental that i was told to take down till further notice.
I was working at the beats last night, and i have 2 new tracks, i needa spend a few hours deciding which one you're gonna get for free! ;)

saw this earlier, grime is only just sounding alive to me,not the commercial shit, i've just never been a massive grime fan, and in the recent 6 months i have grown more fond of the whole TINGGG.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Boss Level Audio

Dubstep - Purple - Grime - Funky

(click to be directed)

 Boss Level Audio is an up & coming label based in Leeds.
Artists confirmed that are going to be working with BLA are -


Coming soon will be the website, and a BLA Sampler CD!
Exciting times!

Free Grime Instrumental! (RE-UP' SOON)

Soo i'm currently in talks with a label, who i'm not allowed to mention just at this time, but they've got some mc's on there team.This tune is waiting for bars, but i thought i'd let it go as a free instro' for now :)


Hiloxam - Han' Slappa
(link coming soon)

i've had to take this down due to label issues, check back soon for free instrumental d/l

oh and also, who's going to this on saturday?
goonna be another big night, from the A D crew!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

So this is Bloggerz Blag?!

Bloggerz Blag is a blog to blag the bloggers who blog.

Soo who understands?!


Who makes bass tunes?

Urban Dictionary :
1. Blag 586 up, 206 down

To gain, usually entrance to a restricted area or club, or some material good, through confidence trickery or cheekiness. Lying is also acceptable.
I blagged my way into the VIP area.
I blagged some free CDs off the label.