Thursday, 10 March 2011

Free Grime Instrumental! (RE-UP' SOON)

Soo i'm currently in talks with a label, who i'm not allowed to mention just at this time, but they've got some mc's on there team.This tune is waiting for bars, but i thought i'd let it go as a free instro' for now :)


Hiloxam - Han' Slappa
(link coming soon)

i've had to take this down due to label issues, check back soon for free instrumental d/l

oh and also, who's going to this on saturday?
goonna be another big night, from the A D crew!


  1. the instrumental is really big mate, let us know when u get these bars on it aswell

  2. cheers man! yeah i'll post up on here when it's got sommit on!

  3. Ive never heard of any of that,
    Sorry to say.

  4. how you havn't luna i dont kno?

    where you from ?