Friday, 11 March 2011

So it's the weekend!

My first week of full time office work is nearly over, it's been cool though, i've been designing golf courses for a virtual golf simiulator exclusively for the professionals to practice on!
I'm pretty pretty excited for laying in bed all morning tomorrow, and goin visit the audio 'nuttaz up in london, should be a funny night!

a couple of posts ago, i was giving out a free instrumental that i was told to take down till further notice.
I was working at the beats last night, and i have 2 new tracks, i needa spend a few hours deciding which one you're gonna get for free! ;)

saw this earlier, grime is only just sounding alive to me,not the commercial shit, i've just never been a massive grime fan, and in the recent 6 months i have grown more fond of the whole TINGGG.


  1. Griiime. Never really got into it as much as other forms of bass music. Love hearing plasticians and mrk1's old grime sets.

  2. im just inlove with unstained subs at the moment, you know the sort, attack 0% decay 60% sustain0% release 45%


  3. Love those classic grime beats, but I don't know about some of the "new grime" I've been hearing.

    Still quality musical production, but I don't know if the artistic vision is there.