Monday, 28 March 2011


just finished off a Innocent strawberries and bananas smoothie, lovely.
whats the best combo for smoothies?
do they always have to be fruity or can you sneak abita choccy in them?

i need to purchase a blender.


  1. A bit of a bizarre confession but i've actually never had a smoothie of any variety in my life. I'm not sure how i've managed these days without someone shoving one in my mouth. They're everywhere!

  2. about time you saw the light!

  3. Get on the smoothies, also got to love a lassi

  4. When you get a blender it's all about peng milkshakes trust. Couple of scoops of ben and jerry's blended with some semi skimmed and, for me, a pack of malteasers. OH my gosh, want one now just thinking about it.