Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Mentha In The Mix

This mix is from Mentha, beautifull vibes.

Mentha - A Dark Dream Mix - MTD @ The Workshop Promo by Mentha

1. Kryptic Minds – Can't Sleep (Feat Alys Be) – Blackbox
2. Rajaz – Dawn Blues – Dub
3. Grooki – Come to Me – Dub
4. Vivek – Pulse - Deep Medi Musik
5. Strago & Snooks – Infect – Dub
6. Benton – Take Me Away – Giveaway
7. Jobanti – Tromerone - Dub
8. Dj Madd – Detroit Skunk – Boka
Ben Verse – Venomous – Live Beyond
Lurka – Tempted – Blackbox
11. Icicle Ft Proxima - Breathing Again - Shogun Audio
12. Spherix – Lesser People - Immerse
13. Addison Groove – Work It – Swamp 81
14. Dj Madd – Secretes – Wheel & Deal
15. Mr Boogie – Breakdown (feat Fused Forces) – Sequence
16. Coki – Shock It – DMZ
17. Kutz – Wined Up – Giveaway
18. Caski – Gorilla Clap - Giveaway

 I asked Mentha various questions including the standard 'what got you into dubstep?' , along side 'your last meal?'
here's what he had to say -

My name is Gabriele Romeo,I'm 23 from Palermo, Italy and been living in London for 4 years.
My last meal was Pizza as u could expect :D but i'm really into my cooking so tend to cook what me and my mates consider a good meal almost every night.
I got into Dubstep about 3 years ago thanks to an electronic music production course and a CM article about it. I discovered dubstepforum and getdarker, started hunting for dubstep nights and got inspired to start mixing myself.
I've been mixing now for a couple of years, started on digital till i got decks about 6 months ago, now i use both. First vinyl i bought is DMZLP001 Mala - Return II Space.
My next show is with my collective Mind The Dubstep on friday 25th of march, we are running a night @ The Workshop under Roadtrip Bar, Shoreditch, more details on
and ... 6957938822

I started producing recently, i am working on a few tunes at the moment and will put an EP together in the near future.
Musical pleasures, well don't know where to start really... I am a guitarist and am really into my jazz but did years of metal, i am a big Radiohead and Battles fan but really too many different influences to list.
Having to choose a super power i'd probably wanna fly :D
And it turns out that i'm probably the only person in the UK who utterly HATES Doritos!!

Thanks Mentha for being the first to get involved with  Bloggerz Blag!

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