Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Bloggerz Blag First Mixtape - Hiloxam B2B Teddy Kush

This is the first mixtape to be uploaded onto Bloggerz Blag, we're not gonna write up a track list or try to even make ourselves seem like this is a professional mix, as it was just a recorded jam session. We present 35mins of Drum'n'Bass and 35mins of dubstep (i'll mark where they both start)

Teddy Kush B2B Hiloxam - Bloggerz Blag Mixtape. by Bloggerz Blag

I know the drum and bass is jump up, but the dubstep gets more deeper and more mellow. and these are the vibes i want to aim at the blog. but it's whatever floats the mixers boat.

Mixtapes from Percept,Monsters,Mentha,DRTY,Snypa and more coming very soon!


  1. jump up d&b with deeper dubstep, interesting... will give it a go!

  2. Raiders of the Lost Ark. Nice.

  3. "Raiders of the Lost Ark. Nice."


  4. You do not stop with the posts, keep it up.

  5. not gonna lie really dont like my dubstep mix, i was licked ;)

    needa re-do this sometime soon!

  6. Pon the dl

    I might have to load this up in audacity and remove the jump up section :P (unless of course this is the mix that shows me that jump up is awesome and that I've been wrong about it for 3 years).

  7. Will have to give this a go when I'm back from the library.